Since the new Boscombe and Springbourne Health Centre on Boscombe’s Shelley Road opened our doors on 1st July, we have welcomed over 2000 patients through our doors after just two months of opening, accessing our free walk-in and pre-booked GP services.  The number of patients visiting the centre in August 2009 were 40% higher than those of the opening month in July.  In addition, 92% of patients waited less than 15 minutes for a walk-in appointment and a very high 98% of visitors were delighted with these short waiting times.   

Practice manager, Chris Hughes enthused ‘we’ve helped 2000 patients through our doors in just two months, which is very encouraging and the monthly numbers are increasing the longer we’re open.  It shows that there’s real demand for walk-in appointments in the area.  Many patients are using our service in addition to their own GP surgery where they visit us when their own surgery is either fully booked or closed.  We’ve also asked our patients for feedback on our service, which is of paramount importance to us to ensure that we’re delivering the service our patients expect from us.  We also try to ensure that the centre is as welcoming and efficient as possible for everyone visiting the Boscombe and Springbourne Health Centre.’

Based in the heart of Boscombe, on Shelley Road, the centre is unique in the area in that it is open from 8am until 8pm every single day of the year, providing maximum flexibility for visitors.  For more information on the centre, please visit the new Boscombe and Springbourne Health Centre on 11 Shelley Road, Boscombe, BH1 4JQ; or call 01202 727969